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22-02-2016: Founder Institute’s 1st Islamabad Semester Graduates 11 Promising Companies

Founder Institute’s 1st Islamabad Semester Graduates 11 Promising Companies

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The Founder Institute, the World's Largest Entrepreneur Training and Startup Launch Program, is proud to announce the graduation of the Islamabad 2015 semester.

After an intensive, four-month program of expert training sessions, challenging company building assignments, and constant evaluation and feedback from experienced entrepreneur mentors, 11 meaningful and enduring companies were able to make it through the program to Graduation.

The Islamabad 2015 Graduates now have a company, business idea, product plan, and path to growth fully validated by experienced startup founders. In addition, the Graduates are part of the prestigious Shared Liquidity Pool,and gain access to the Founder Institute's Global Network of over 1,500 companies and 4,000+ mentors spanning across 92 countries and six continents.

Each of these Founders has learned much during their time with the Founder Institute and demonstrated the high level of passion, perseverance, and creativity it takes to build a meaningful and enduring company.

And now, without further ado, we would like to wish the best of luck to:

  • Charity Sharity: CharitySharity enables retailers to make charitable donations to a customer’s favorite charity whenever the customer posts about his presence at the retailer’s location on social networks.
  • Cooked Today: Cooked Today is a home-cooked food app that allows home cooks to sell home-cooked 'halal' meals for pick-up and delivery.
  • DealsMash: DealSmash is a mobile app for impulse buyers and last-minute shoppers, offering them deals and exclusive discounts while maximizing revenue of retailers using proximity-based services.
  • Iris is a platform to book professional photographers online based on their location, availability, ratings, and area of expertise.
  • JustPrice: JustPrice is a comparison shopping engine that helps the online shoppers in Pakistan looking for the best price by providing real time shopping comparison and accurate product information.
  • Maalik: Maalik helps owners & investors get an accurate and reliable valuation of their properties, and connects buyers andtenants directly to owners for a more transparent transaction.
  • Rise Mom: Rise Mom is a platform that connects to daycare centers with video surveillance so parents to keep an eye on their kids, while receiving tips on infant and mother wellness, health, education and baby products.
  • RoadEZ: RoadEZ is a mobile service that provides personalized alerts on traffic congestion via SMS and Smartphone App, based on real-time traffic data from multiple sources.
  • TalkHealth: Talk health is an online platform that empower patients to find the right doctor or medical facility for their medical condition.
  • Touch'd: Touch'd is a social assistant that helps busy people with large professional and social networks stay in touch with those who matter most.
  • Tutory: Tutory provides a one-on-one interactive tutoring service to high school students and gives teachers an opportunity to earn extra income.

This semester would not have been possible without help, because it truly takes a city to raise a startup. We would first like to thank the Local Directors of the Toronto Founder Institute: Sayyed Ahmad Masud (CEO, Change Mechanics), Irfan Wahab Khan (Deputy CEO, Telenor), and Yusuf Hussain (CEO & Founder, Dual Matrix Corporation). Our Local Directors play an incredibly important role in building the local Founder Institute program, and creating an environment in Islamabad that is conducive to building to great companies.

In addition, we would like to thank the Mentors of the Islamabad 2015 semester for providing expert training and feedback throughout the program. In particular, we would like to recognize:

  • Ahsan Maykan: Senior Consultant, Telenor
  • Ali Hasnain: CEO, DealsMash
  • Asad Karim: CEO, Tele Taleem
  • Asad Iqbal Siddiqui: Managing Partner, Asad, Daham & Co.
  • David Fogg: President and Owner, Fogg and Powers, LLC
  • Ehtisham Rao: Director Digital, Telenor
  • Fahad Tiwana: CEO, Wonderful Engineering
  • Faisal Sherjan: Co-Founder, Patari, BookMe
  • Farzal Dojki: Founder & CEO, Next Generation Innovation
  • Fathiya Bangash: Lead Digital Marketing, Zeesocial
  • Ghazanfar Azzam: CEO, Waseela Microfinance Bank
  • Haider Raza: CEO, Evolution Partners
  • Haris Khan: Co-Founder and CEO, Agnitus
  • Haroon Javed Qureshi: Founder & CEO , East West Infinity
  • Huma Beg: Founder, Ministry of Change
  • Humayun Mazhar: Founder & CEO , Crescent Ventures
  • Imtiaz Rastgar: Chairman, Rastgar Group of Companies
  • Iqbal Mustafa Khan: CEO, Alachisoft
  • Kamran Masud: Chairman, Catalyst Communications
  • Khurram Zafar: Executive Director, LUMS Center for Entrepreneurship
  • Kulsoom Lakhani: CEO, invest2innovate
  • Malik Arif Hayat: Angel Investor
  • Monis Rahman: Chairman & CEO,, Naseeb Networks
  • Moqeem Ul Haque: CSO, Ufone
  • Murtaza Zaidi: CEO, CyberVision International
  • Nadeem Hussain: Founder & CEO , Tameer Microfinance Bank
  • Naeem Zamindar: Pakistan Country Director & CEO, Acumen
  • Natalya Kamaal: Independent Legal Practitioner , NKLAW
  • Nazir Vaid: Founder & CEO , NexSource
  • Obaidullah Khwaja: Head of Mobile Advertising , Telenor
  • Owais Anjum: Founder & CEO, Cricout
  • Ramphis Castro: Co-Founder, ScienceVest
  • Sarfraz Arshad: CEO, Talk Health
  • Shehryar Hydri: Director, Marketing and Operations, Convo
  • Syed Iqbal Raza: Founder & CEO , Raza Works
  • Umer Adnan: CEO, Cowlar
  • Victor Vorski: Founder & Imagineer, EarthSkyLab
  • Wahaj Siraj: CEO, Nayatel
  • Yasser Qayum: Chief Marketing Officer, Waseela Microfinance Bank
  • Yusuf Jan: CEO, MixIt
  • Zia Imran: Founder & CEO , Jul Bujh

The following partner of the 2015 Semester also deserve recognition for their generous support:

  • Telenor Pakistan

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